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24.12.2010 03:22

- The Blighted Beak is now a misc slot item.

- The Buffalo Steak Sandvich's speed boost no longer stacks with other speed boosts.

- The Rocket Jumper and Sticky Jumper now have no max health penalty, and have damage vulnerabilities instead.

- Duel fixes:

- Duels can no longer be initiated when the round is not fully running.

- If you challenge someone that has already challenged you, the duel is automatically accepted.

- Fixed an issue where a dueling mini-game item was marked in-use even though the duel was rejected.

- Duels are now refunded if a server plugin forces a participant to switch teams.

- Loading screen:

- Only shows the duel leaderboard if you've been dueling, or if your friends have been dueling.

- Shows your personal stats whenever it's not showing the duel leaderboard.

- Custom hitsounds:

- Must now be specified by replacing the 'tf/sound/ui/hitsound.wav' file.

- Can now be used under sv_pure 1/2.

- Improved performance on Degroot Keep.

- The "Fabricate Class Headgear" recipe no longer has a chance of creating all-class hats.

- Fixed spectator mode sometimes ending up in a state where you were half-embedded in your spectator target.

- Fixed a bug in the Kritzkrieg's animations.

- Fixed round restarts not cleaning up weapons correctly for a frame (fixes a variety of weapon attribute issues, such as players having less health or less ammo than they should)

- Fixed painting issues in several of the Australian Christmas hats.

- The Sniper scope is now visible when viewing First Person Spectator mode on a zoomed Sniper.
- Medieval Mode's auto-roleplay now ignores text beginning with '!' or '/'


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