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Обновление Team Fortress 2
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24.12.2010 03:22

- The Blighted Beak is now a misc slot item.

- The Buffalo Steak Sandvich's speed boost no longer stacks with other speed boosts.

- The Rocket Jumper and Sticky Jumper now have no max health penalty, and have damage vulnerabilities instead.

Обновление Left 4 Dead 2
18.12.2010 03:03

-Community Mutation: Special Delivery
-Added protection against servers executing restricted commands on clients
-Fixed clients sometimes not getting disconnected from the server after getting a consistency error
-Fixed an exploit that could cause players to fall through the elevator in No Mercy
-Fixed the still-crownable witch in Realism Versus

Обновление Team Fortress 2
Новости - Игровые новости
15.12.2010 03:12

- Fixed first person spectators seeing particle effects on the wearables of the person they're spectating.
- Added the Pyro's "Foster's Facade" and "Stockbroker's Scarf" items as part of Tripwire's Twisted Christmas event.

Обновление Team Fortress 2
Новости - Игровые новости
09.12.2010 04:56

- Added the hats for The Great Steam Treasure Hunt.

- Fixed a bug that enabled players to weapon switch away from the Iron Curtain during spin down.

Обновление Left 4 Dead
Новости - Игровые новости
04.12.2010 23:17

Для загрузки обновления перегрузите сервер либо запустите обновление вручную из панели.

  • Fixed voice recording intermittently stopping on Mac OS X
  • Fixed mp3 playback not working on PC
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